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Yearbook for Traditional Music

Yearbook for Traditional Music

The Yearbook for Traditional Music is a refereed scholarly journal which carries essays, reviews, and reports in the area of traditional music and dance research. The Yearbook was established in 1949 as the Journal of the International Folk Music Council, and it is published in English every November by the ICTM Secretariat

ISSN (Print): 0740-1558.
ISSN (Online): 2304-3857.

General Editor: Kati Szego (Canada)
Book Reviews Editor: Sydney Hutchinson (USA)
Audio Reviews Editor: Byron Dueck (UK)
Film/Video Reviews Editor: Terada Yoshitaka (Japan)
Website Reviews Editor: Barbara Alge (Germany)

The latest issue of the Yearbook is Vol. 46 (2014), which was published and distributed in November 2014.

Contents and support materials

Additional materials for printed Yearbooks, such as tables of contents, Book Notes, and audiovisual examples, can be found at this page.

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