Geography of Australia, Antarctica and Oceania

Geography of Australia, Antarctica and Oceania

Lectures: 45

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ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Resnik Planinc Tatjana


Basic developmental characteristics (physical characteristics and their importance for social and economic development, developmental stages of present economic and demographic structure, political and State formation specifics, development of transport infrastructure, development of turism).
Population (migrations, basic demographic characteristics, structural specifics (racial, religious, social etc.) and their influence on landscape characteristics).
Natural appropriateness for agriculture. New agricultural management and its influence on changes of traditional agricultural landscape. Ecological problems.
Industrialisation. Natural resources as a basis for industrial development. Developmental stages and shaping of basic industrial areas. Recent structural changes in industrial development and spatial distribution of industrial areas. Impacts on environment. Urbanisation. Specific examples and problems of geographical development.