Methods of Music Analysis 1

Methods of Music Analysis 1

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): red. prof. dr. Stefanija Leon


The course aims to introduce methods of music analysis throughout the history. The focus is on the analysis of the musical syntax, approaches to the musical works and also to reception of music, taking into account the analysis of the multimedia presentation of music phenomena that has become increasingly important with the century of mass media.
The purpose of the course is to survey three main topoi: in music analysis: firstly, the history of music analysis is addressed, secondly, the theoretical concepts of music analysis are explained, and thirdly, the focus is directed on practical analyses of selected musical phenomena, such as music genres, cycles, individual musical works or performances and.
Special attention will be given to the computer-assisted music analysis. This content is done in a form of individual tutorial with the student and brings 1 ECTS more.
Topics and themes for individual assignements are changed with every iteration of the subject.