Musical Theatre 1 C

Musical Theatre 1 C




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Pompe Gregor


The study is oriented towards a systematic discussion of the history of the music theatre. It is focused on different questions that can encompass:

individual creators,
music forms,
time sections/composer schools,
geographical areas,
music reproduction reception of musical works,
key chapters: Greek tragedy and the roots of the opera, liturgical drama and mysterium, new birth of opera, Italian opera of the 17th Century, Pietro Metastasio and opera seria, Händel’s operas for London, Italian court opera, opera buffa, Jean Philippe Rameau and Académie Royale de musique, Mozart and opera.
The study gives insides in basic dramaturgical questions, tied to the characteristics of music-theatre works in different historical periods.

Topics and themes for individual assignements are changed with every iteration of the subject.