Historical Grammar of the French Language

Historical Grammar of the French Language

Lectures: 30

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ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Šega Agata

1 External and internal history of the French language. Geographical, historical and social factors of development.
2 Phonetics:
- development of the French stressed and unstressed vowels and diphthongs;
- development of the French consonants.
3 Morphology: development of the French parts of speech from Latin to Romance languages (noun, adjective, numeral, pronoun, article, adverb, interjection)
4 Syntax:
- construction of syntagma and word order;
- negation;
- characteristics of French subordinate and coordinate clauses.
5 Development of the French vocabulary:
- Latin vocabulary preserved in French;
- semantic innovations and their factors of influence;
- word formation;
- external influences on the French lexicon.
6 History of the French orthography
7 The oldest French literary and non literary texts and their critical editions.
8 The characteristics of the French language outside France.