Selected Linguistics Topics 1

Selected Linguistics Topics 1

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Pihler Ciglič Barbara

The content of the course consists of two thematic blocks, each of them is offered every other year.

1st thematic block: MODALITY IN SPANISH
- The course deals with diverse aspects of the expression of modality in Spanish language, focusing not only on wordr or phraser, but on a broader context,
- modal mechanisms of language, definition of mood and modality, modalidad de enunciado vs. modalidad de enunciación,
- epistemic and deontic modality,
- evidentiality; quote referencing,
- modal verbs and modality, modal verb periphrases in spanish,
- modal values of verb forms of the indicative, special modal values of the subjunctive mood
- modal particles, adverbs and discourse markers,
- mood and modality in dependent clauses and texts and in direct and indirect speech,
- mood and modality in expressing different degrees of politeness,
- mood and modality and Speech Acts.

- Basic concepts of (meta)lexicography. Macrostructure and microstructure. Lexical item and its properties.
- Spanish monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Descriptive and prescriptive dictionaries. An outline history of Spanish lexicography and the situation today.
- Recent trends: context and phraseology; encyclopaedic features; culture-bound element, elements of pragmatics, the use of large electronic corpora in dictionary making, CD-ROM and online dictionaries.

- Phraseology as a special linguistic discipline.
- An outline history of Spanish phraseology and the situation today.
- Phraseology and paremiology.
- Properties of phraseological units.
- Cultural-bound aspects in phraseology.
- Contrastive Slovenian-Spanish phraseology.
- Phraseology in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.