Romanian III

Romanian III

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Šega Agata, lekt. dr. Jieanu Ioana-Carmen

Development of the knowledge of Romanian as a foreign language at the level B1 according to CEFL (2001), drafted by the Council of Europe.:
Comprehension of standard written texts in common use.
The comprehension of standard oral texts marked with clear, natural pronunciation, which is used in predictable situation (television, radio news, discussions, and debates).
Gaining independent use of written and oral skills in common situations with clear communication purpose (argumentation, narration, planning, and description).
Thorough study of civilization - cultural aspects of Romania: reading Romanian literary texts in original, listening Romanian music, discovering various historical and geographical aspects and Romanian folklore.
During the process of gaining communication competence a special emphasis is put on the following language/ grammar aspects:
Linguistic structures:
- Noun: the case – genitive (the prepositions for genitive; dative (the prepositions for dative, indirect object in dative); accusative (personal accusative and nonpersonal accusative, the construction of the direct object with pe preposition, doubling of the direct/ indirect object with short forms of the personal pronouns; vocative.
- Article: the possessive article (al/ a/ ai/ ale); the demonstrative article (cel/ cea/ cei/ cele).
- Adjective: the accord between the adjective and the determined noun; the topic.
- Pronouns: personal pronouns – long and short forms of the pronouns, the use of the personal pronouns reported to the gender, number, case, possessive dative; reflexive pronouns; demonstrative pronouns; interrogative pronouns, negative pronouns.
- Verb: moods: indicative (imperfect, pluperfect), conditional, gerund; passive.
- Prepositions; prepositions for genitive, dative and accusative.
- Conjunctions.
Vocabulary: education; private life and spare time, shopping, travelling, health, work and profession, asking and offering information; attitudes and feelings; influencing feelings; influencing actions.