Organization of Information Resources

Organization of Information Resources

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 15

ECTS credit: 8

Lecturer(s): asist. Kuhar Maja, izr. prof. dr. Merčun Kariž Tanja

• Collections of documents and information in various types of information institutions:
o Libraries, museums, archives, cultural heritage
o Radio and television, newspapers and other public media
o Government, business, …
• Description of documents and information - metadata
o Metadata modela
o Characteristics of documents and other objects as a factor in description structure
o Document description according to specific needs of users
o Preparation and storage of objects in physical and digital form
• Maintenance of information collections
o Acquisition and intake of objects, increase of collection and provision of consistency
o Changes of collection in time and development of new functions
• Information technology to support information collections
o Types of software
o Obsolecence and migration to newer systems